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Nexia Global Turnaround, Restructuring and Insolvency Virtual Conference

Nexia International is pleased to announce that the Global TRI Conference will take place on 13 and 27 April 2021, virtually. The conference will include: An opportunity for international networking with other delegates. A review of the impact of the pandemic on insolvency, restructuring and turnaround globally. Insights into widespread fraud as a result of the pandemic. Presentations on, and a look at significant case studies including

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Nexia International Webinar | Asset valuation & financing: An experts perspective of the impact of COVID-19

About the webinar: It is fairly clear by now that the COVID-19 pandemic will continue to be a challenge for most of us in 2021. The optimistic views from earlier this year, were that the worst of the pandemic would be behind us by early 2021 have unfortunately been proven wrong. Most of Europe has or is going [...]

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Nexia International Webinar | Update on Brexit: How to make a possible hard Brexit, a soft landing for clients

23 de setembro de 2020
About the webinar: Brexit is coming, guaranteed. It is vital to understand the current scenarios for Brexit, and, most importantly, how to make sure that your clients are prepared for it. With a hard Brexit looking increasingly likely, Nexia member firms need to raise awareness about the topic with their clients to ensure that they are Brexit ready. In particular, the COVID pandemic has occupied everyone for the last six months and resulted in the significant impact of Brexit on both EU and UK business

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Nexia International Webinar | COVID-19 vs business survival: Restructure and innovate, but how?

2 de setembro de 2020
About the webinar: The current business situation by region, key recommendations to survive the second wave and a look at the worst affected sectors including leisure and tourism, retail and manufacturing and real estate. While COVID-19 returns to economies around the world, businesses need to prepare for their long term survival. This is particularly true for the hardest hit sectors globally. Nexia Turnaround Restructuring and Insolvency (TRI) experts share the current overview of the business

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Nexia International Webinar | COVID impact on Transfer Pricing – A 360 degree view

About the webinar:
The rapid and global scale outbreak of COVID-19 has taken the world by storm. This disease has transformed into a global pandemic, disrupting lives, crumbling healthcare systems, crushing livelihood, dwindling financial markets, and devastating world economies alike in geometric progression.

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Nexia International Webinar | Survive and thrive to Covid-19

Organisations are adapting dramatically to survive and face a new world. Be ready for the new market and don't risk being left behind Whilst we try to protect our families,  we are also trying to keep our organisations afloat and retain staff, clients and customers through this difficult time. We are unsure about how it will work out and how the world will look when we get back to normal. These same issues are affecting organisations globally, so Nexia International has drawn together

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