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Does your company need auditing or assurance services?

At Nexia Santos Carvalho & Associados, we bring value beyond auditing and regulatory compliance.

Meeting the legal requirements is essential. But we offer more. Our commitment is based on understanding your goals and your business – your industry, your operating environment, your corporate goals, your accounting systems – and, most important, your people.

Our experience and perception means that we can develop audit plans specifically tailored to your business needs. This also means that we can focus on new opportunities and dynamic solutions to improve performance and profitability.

Nexia Santos Carvalho & Associados provides auditing services to the financial statements of companies or other entities prepared in accordance with accounting principles generally accepted in Portugal (SNC for corporate entities and POC/SNC-AP applicable to each public sector), as well as internationally accepted accounting principles ( IAS / IFRS), either for the individual company or even for groups.

The statutes of the Portuguese Institute of Statutory Auditors (OROC) determine that it is exclusive competence of the Statutory Auditors the legal review of accounts, which consists of the examination of the accounts leading to the issuance of the Statutory Audit Report (CLC), as well as any other work that the law attributes to them.

Our audit services allow us to validate the correctness of the financial information disclosed by the organizations as defined by the bylaws and applicable legislation, validating the correct application of the rules, as well as the quality of the internal control system and the continuity of operations.

In a system of complete functional and hierarchical independence, and according to the needs of its clients, we provide throughout Portugal the highest quality of Statutory Audit Work, Audit or any other functions of public interest attributed by law to statutory auditors.

A comprehensive and professional audit is a valuable tool for the service provided to our customers, which translates into a benefit in the quest to improve our clients’ performance.

In addition to complying with legal obligations and internal information requirements, an annual quality audit will help companies to identify opportunities to improve their organization by seeking to collaborate in finding solutions to address weaknesses identified throughout the process.

With the knowledge of detailed and reliable information, our clients can decide the type of information they are interested in retaining, making the audit an added value for their organization and not a mere fulfilment of legal and / or statutory obligations.

Some examples of the services we provide:

  • Statutory and voluntary audit of accounts
  • Voluntary or statutory audit
  • Interim reviews
  • Organizational reporting
  • Evaluation of internal control systems
  • Financial reports
  • Certification of credits for tax purposes
  • Audit of European Union programs
  • Independent preparation of external audits
  • Forensic audit / fraud investigation

The above list is non-exhaustive. If you have any specific service need, please contact us.

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Nexia Santos Carvalho & Associados is a member firm of Nexia International, which is the 8th largest audit and consulting network in the world.

The hiring of a financial audit can contribute to improve the information disclosed to stakeholders, as well as reveal risks and opportunities. Contact our experts.

Identifying ways to increase the performance of our customers, particularly at a tax level, making your business more profitable is our specialty. Contact our experts.

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