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Do you need help in your business development?

At Nexia Santos Carvalho & Associados, we are proud to support entrepreneurs and their businesses. We understand the permanent pressures that entrepreneurs face.

With almost 30 years of experience, we know how to value the benefits obtained from the vision and support capacity of an astute and proactive team. With our accumulated knowledge of your business, we know that we have the best tools and methodologies that enable us to help you to, efficiently, implement the right solutions, so you can get the best results in your business.

Whatever stage your business is in, from start-up, to growth or maturity and family succession, our team has the experience, vision and solutions you need to reach your business objectives.

Nexia Santos Carvalho & Associados has a multidisciplinary team of professionals with an experience in the business world, which brings together technical skills to support our clients in finding the best solutions and identifying opportunities that will contribute to the success of your company.

We provide services in all phases of Mergers, Acquisitions and Restructuring processes, assist in the preparation of business plans and we perform Due Diligences.

The valuation methodologies we use are based on the analysis of technical criteria based on the historical financial information, the comparison with the companies of the same sector of activity, the evaluation of the forecasts of your business growth according to the economic context.

We recommend that you periodically evaluate your company so that you can monitor the progress of your actual value.

Some examples of the services we provide:

  • Supporting the growth and/or internationalization of your business
  • Performance evaluation and value creation analysis
  • Risk assessment and management recommendations
  • Due diligence
  • Evaluation and restructuring of companies (or groups)
  • Merger & acquisitions (from an accounting and tax perspective)
  • Analysis and feasibility studies of companies/business

In the current economic context in which the quality of the financial information provided by the companies is not only a necessity (often of survival), leaded Nexia Santos Carvalho & Associados to develop methodologies that effectively help its clients to respond to these needs. Thus, we have developed expertise in several complementary services, called related services. These services translate into providing technical support in various topics, namely accounting, account consolidation, incentives and human resources.

In the management of human resources, in addition to contractual and labor rights issues, it is also necessary to consider the training of each company professionals, since the appropriate qualification of its human resources is certainly one of the biggest pillars of a company’s success.

It is equally important to keep workers motivated, with the most up-to-date and targeted training possible, considering the daily needs of each company.

Related services may include the following service examples:

  • Accounting and account preparation
  • Technical accounting support
  • Independent preparation of consolidated accounts
  • Elaboration of specific procedures manual (e.g., consolidation of accounts) and support in their implementation
  • Technical support in the preparation of incentive application
  • Payroll
  • Accounting & Secretarial Outsourcing
  • Training in specific themes

The above list is non-exhaustive. If you have any specific service need, please contact us.

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Nexia Santos Carvalho & Associados is a member firm of Nexia International, which is the 8th largest audit and consulting network in the world.

The hiring of a financial audit can contribute to improve the information disclosed to stakeholders, as well as reveal risks and opportunities. Contact our experts.

Identifying ways to increase the performance of our customers, particularly at a tax level, making your business more profitable is our specialty. Contact our experts.

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