Nexia International Webinar | Asset valuation & financing: An experts perspective of the impact of COVID-19

Nexia International Webinar | Asset valuation & financing: An experts perspective of the impact of COVID-19

About the webinar:

It is fairly clear by now that the COVID-19 pandemic will continue to be a challenge for most of us in 2021. The optimistic views from earlier this year, were that the worst of the pandemic would be behind us by early 2021 have unfortunately been proven wrong. Most of Europe has or is going into renewed lockdowns, the U.S. is facing record highs of infections almost on a weekly basis and it is unclear if the start of the summer season on the Southern Hemisphere will result in rising COVID-19 numbers by the end of January or February 2021. 

 As most companies run their financial statements on a calendar year basis, with 31 December and the end of the fiscal year approaching soon, companies as well as their auditors, advisors and financial institutions will in many cases, face some difficult questions.

 Join our webinar on Tuesday 8 December, where leading experts from the Nexia TRI group will be joined by Federica Pietrogrande, Managing Director of Gordon Brothers, UK as they give their different perspective on certain aspects around year-end financial statements, and what might be the implications for financing. 

 These experts will give you and your clients their view and direction, when assessing the following:  

  • What is the continued impact of COVID-19 on the valuation of various asset categories? 
  • What are the eventual implications for companies and potential lenders? 
  • What is the impact on asset valuation when COVID-19 has made part of the business model obsolete? 
  • How can companies mitigate the risk of operating business models that could be considered partially or fully obsolete? 
  • How has working capital and asset based lending changed with on-and-off lockdowns?  
  • How many lockdown situations can we still expect to be ahead of us? 
  • Can companies expect to be asked for additional collateral in 2021? 
  • How do you assess and measure fair value for investments in such volatile and partially still unpredictable times? 

The panel of experts will identify ways in which you can help your business or your clients to provide solutions for these questions. You will also have a chance to actively participate in our Q&A session during the webinar.


Kjeld Verhoeven – Partner, FSV Nexia, Netherlands

Tim Sloggett – Partner, Smith & Williamson, United Kingdom

Federica Pietrogrande Managing Director of Gordon Brothers, United Kingdom

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