A closer look at COVID-19 in Emerging Markets

A closer look at COVID-19 in Emerging Markets

This exciting webinar lead by the Turnaround Restructuring Insolvency Group will focus on the impact of the pandemic on some of the largest emerging markets and regions globally.

Our highly experienced speakers and moderators from Latin America, Africa, South Asia, and South East Asia will give brief presentations on the situation and outlook in their respective region, followed by a panel discussion where we will cover some of the latest trends that COVID-19 has either started or accelerated in emerging markets.

Join us for:

  1. Impact of COVID-19 on TRI in India.
  2. COVID-19 and its impact on East Africa and also a look at the future growth prospects.
  3. From China to South East Asia. An overview of the COVID-19 impact on the TRI market in China.
  4. Panel discussion on the pandemic and its mid-term impact on TRI in emerging markets.

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Manik Abbott – Director of Nexdigm, India
Sujata Jaffer – Managing Partner of Nexia SJ Tanzania, East Africa
Yee Hong Chan – Director of Nexia TS, Singapore
Rainer Koellgen – Senior Advisor of PP&C in Sao Paulo, Brazil
Tanwir Shirolkar – Senior Director of Nexdigm, India

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