Nexia International Webinar | How to Work Effectively Across Cultures

Nexia International Webinar | How to Work Effectively Across Cultures

Area: COVID-19, People Development
Date and time: Thursday 1 July at 8:00am and 2:00pm UK time
Duration: 90 minutes

Please note: This is a highly interactive workshop with breakout rooms, polls and plenty of discussion, you are expected to have your camera on and contribute during the session.

About the workshop

No matter your role within the company your ability to work effectively with international clients, partners and colleagues will have a big impact on the current and future success of your firm.

In this highly interactive 90 minute workshop we will explore the cross-cultural challenges you face in your role, learn a number of tools and techniques to give you more confidence and the competence to work even more productively and efficiently across borders.


  • Reflect on cross-cultural challenges you face working with your international clients, colleagues and stakeholders and learn different approaches to overcome them
  • Avoid common cross-cultural misunderstandings and pitfalls
  • Apply the most recent and practical cross-cultural model to help you adapt your style to people from other cultures
  • Learn how to change your communication style during conference calls, when giving feedback and when working together with clients or colleagues from other cultures
  • Take away practical tools and techniques to help you work more effectively with your international clients, partners and colleagues 


Alastair McTavish – Learning & Development Manager at Nexia International

Alastair has delivered face-to-face training in 12 different countries for thousands of professionals at multinational companies including EY and Fidelity.

He has delivered Cross-Cultural Coaching for both the head of Tesco and Bombardier in China and delivered Cross-Cultural training workshops for staff at organisations including General Motors, IKEA, Roche, the British Embassy and the British Chamber of Commerce in China.

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  • Date and time: Thursday 1 July at 8:00am UK time (90 minutes)

  • Date and time: Thursday 1 July at 2:00pm UK time (90 minutes)

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